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What Beautiful pictures! You amaze me. I am so happy that you are getting to see the continents like you had hoped. Best wishes! 4/18/06

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Hi Rachael,Great to here that you got to go to Antartica. Thanks for the note and the Beads were appretiated too. Have a great trip.

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Early Bird
Hey Roadster, I hope you had a blast at trail days. The rest of my hike was fabulous. I finished on Katahdin July 16th. There is nothing like the AT. At one of the shelters in New Hampshire, Rattle River just before Gorham, I noticed you left a register. It's not full yet, but I hope someone sends it back when it is. Also in NH I stayed at the 12 Tribes hostel and thought of you. I have some good pictures for of both of us hiking. 'Will send them along separately. Are you in Antarctica?! Peace, Early Bird

Cuzin Daren
Hey Rachael, I havent looked at your new and improved website in full as of yet, but i'm sure its quite well. You have quite a good person working on this website for you, so applause to her for all her immense hard work and dedication to documenting your extensive travels. I am only here for one more month and then I will be in Hawaii, whooo hooo !!! I'm very excited and very nervous at the same time. This will be the first solo trip. I know I will make lots of new friends and waste not a mintute while I am there as I am still unsure how long I will be able to stay. Of course this is all based on cost.. stay safe, luv ya Daren

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Craig, Vicki & Brandon Carl
Hi Rachael! Thank you so much for drawing that wonderful caricature, and for spending a delightful evening with us. We hope to see you again, The Carl family

Nina Bregel
Hey Rachel! Wow! You are such the world traveler!! What an exciting life you lead! Bobbie called me and said that she ran into you the other day - Consider yourself hugged! Nina

Hey, Rachael. I dont know if you remember me at all but you stayed here in Andover to do illustrations for my mother's children's book about gardening a long time ago and we got to hang out a little. Well she showed me this site and I wanted to say that I love your artwork and this site is awesome. I especially like the Thailand stuff. I thought I'd say hello! I'll keep lookin in for new stuff!

Farther Al
Hi Rachael, It was fun meeting you and Skittles and Jacob this summer in Maine. We all loved the drawing of John spraying us with water and I scanned a copy for the webmistress. Looking forward to the updates of your continuing adventures. Farther Al

Valerie (Mom)
I finally thought of looking at your web page now that we have a computer that can handle it. So far all I have looked at is the guest list. That is really cool in itself! Hope you are doing well, it will be so good to see you in person soon! You are missed, but we are glad your desire for travel and seeing the world are being fulfilled!10/16/04

Shane Eastburn
Brava Rachael! You are bringing joy to eyes of many who remember and anticipate the world as our home. The art is delightful and the journal entries channel your brilliance. My complements to Charity...the web site is superb. God's love. a student of Dr. Goddard

Carol Sullivan
Hi Rachel: I live next door to the laundromat in Rangeley, ME where you were a few days ago. The owner (also a friend) showed me the painting of the laundromat that you did. That is so cool. I hope you make money by selling your art work along the way in your travels. I have it scanned and will e-mail it to the web mistress for posting. Good luck in your travels.

Aunt Noreen
Hi Rachel: Hope everything is going well,grandma keeps me informed of you travels, she called last night(8/22/04)and let me know what you website address was. Both the pictures and to art work is very nice. Didn't really have time to read the journal entries being I am doing this at school. I will keep check the website for future updates.

Auntie Linda
Hi my girl! just wanted you to know I check this sight often. Love you! Maybe we can do another trip some day.

It is amazing the things that you do. The problem on that marriage thing is that any woman with your acomplishments will scare away most men. Good thing too! because you would be too much woman for most men. But when you do get that guy he will be quite the catch! You have taken a road rarely traveled and you have inspired those who have seen your progress. Maybe webmistress can put up a page with enough keywords that if Mr. Right is searching he will find you via the web. I enjoyed doing the Lewis & Clark & Sacagawea thing when we went to Yaak Mt. together. God Speed

Rachael Sorenson
Well, namesake, may God continue to guide your steps and be your Provision in your journey of life. You are in my prayers. 8/6/04

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